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The Riveter Club

The first Employee Connection & Engagement Community

The Riveter Club is a community of the top employee connection leaders. It’s a mastermind space to learn best workplace connection practices from one another.

Let's unlock boundless potential by advancing employee experiences in lasting ways!

Are you a Riveter?

You might be a Riveter if you are a...

  • Trailblazer driving organizational culture, human resources, or talent

  • Senior-level corporate professional charged with building and maintaining culture


Why join?


As a member of this exclusive, curated community, you will be provided with:


  • Connection experiences with a national network of culture and talent professionals

  • Professional development workshops oriented around designing custom solutions for the future of work

  • Early access to insider research findings on belonging in the workplace

  • An opportunity to become a recognized leader in your industry 

  • The ability to level up your organization’s overall resiliency (ahead of others!)

Riveter Club FAQs:

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