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Meet our Clients: Interview with MaryJane Lukas, GMR Marketing

We sat down with MaryJane Lukas, Associate HR Business Partner at GMR Marketing, LLC, to discuss why her organization decided to engage with Rivet and what they hope to get out of our platform. Read more below:

Can you give us a profile and brief description of your organization, and what you do for them?

I’m MaryJane Lukas, Associate HR Business Partner at GMR Marketing, LLC. GMR is an experience marketing agency, built to make stories that become lasting memories. The agency makes unforgettable stories through live events, experiential activations, and digital and social media. My role as Associate HRBP is to support StoryMakers (employees) on their journey through the agency.

Why did your company choose to use Rivet? What was it that drew you in?

We were drawn to connect with Rivet to bring more science and intention behind how we pair StoryMakers in our DEI initiative of Coffee Convos. Coffee Convos’ mission is to serve as a bridge of inclusion, connecting the agency through casual conversation. Rivet not only takes on the time commitment from the pairing team, but it also provides an informational and pretty cool archetypes as a resource for GMR StoryMakers to chat about in their coffee connects.

How is your organization using Rivet?

Right now we are using Rivet to produce 1:1 and group pairings for the Coffee Convos initiative. With the exciting future of Rivet as a system and their ability to adapt to asks from their clients, GMR is looking forward to potentially incorporating the system within in other mentor and networking programs.

What do you want to accomplish by using this software?

GMR is all about making memories, and Rivet helps bring our StoryMakers together on a similarity basis where they are more connected and able to make unforgettable memories and relationships.

How do you think your organization is leading the way on connection and growth in the workplace?

GMR clients come to us to connect with their audiences and consumers. Internally, GMR has revamped Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Agency Experience Councils (AECs) to ensure connection across the agency. Coffee Convos is part of the Connections AEC, which focuses on creating connections across the agency.

Would you like to share any other cool things your company has been up to lately?

It’s now less than two years out from the 2024 Paris Olympics, and at GMR we see this as a seminal moment in global sport as it starts a decade of massive events in Europe and North America; the World Cup and the Summer Olympics are coming to the US in 2026 and 2028, respectively, and the 2026 Winter Olympics headed to Italy. We wrote about the powerful message of gender equality in sport being the centerpiece of the Paris Games, which you can read about here.

Want to learn more about GMR Marketing? Check out their website!


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