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Meet Our Clients: Interview with Kaylie Hogan-Schnittker, LPED

We recently sat down with Kaylie Hogan-Schnittker, Director of Talent Strategy at the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development (LPED), to discuss why her organization decided to engage with Rivet and what they hope to get out of our platform. Read more below:

Can you give us a profile and brief description of your organization and what you do for them?

I’m Kaylie Hogan-Schnittker, Director of Talent Strategy at the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development (LPED). LPED is a public-private partnership charged with fulfilling Lincoln’s Economic Development goals. The partnership is committed to supporting Lincoln’s continued success as a place of business expansion, growing talent, and endless opportunities. Our primary focus areas are business development, business retention and expansion, entrepreneurship and innovation, and talent strategy. My role as Director of Talent Strategy at LPED has two main functions: telling the story of Lincoln as a great place to work, play, and live, and work to attract and retain talent in our workforce ecosystem.

Why did your company choose to use Rivet? What was it that drew you in?

We were able to connect with Jeremy [Founder and CEO of Rivet] to learn about how to create programming that creates connection in Lincoln. In our conversation, Jeremy introduced Rivet as a tool to help create the connections we were greatly desiring to make. For many professionals, opportunity is just as important as place and being able to create strong relationships – whether in the workplace or outside of it – supports retention and attraction efforts. Everyone just wants to belong!

How is your organization using Rivet?

We are using Rivet in a couple different ways. First, we want to provide a tool for local employers that can be used in both attraction and retention of employees. Engagement in the workplace is very important for retention, but with Covid-19 and the acceleration of hybrid work, connection can be more challenging, which can result in unhappiness and resignation. Additionally, we want our Young Professional Group to utilize [Rivet] if they’re lonely or currently feel disconnected.

What do you want to accomplish by using this software?

At the end of the day, we want people to feel connected to a community, whether it be at their place of work or in their personal lives. We want people to feel a sense of place here in Lincoln and put down roots, and through creating new connections and possible friendships, we believe that can be accomplished.

How do you think your organization is leading the way on connection and growth in the workplace?

Employers turn to us to get connected to resources that will accelerate connection and growth in the workplace, like providing Rivet in our employer toolkit. Through our toolkit, forums, and other informational opportunities, we work to share the success and challenges of recruiting and attraction trends.

Would you like to share any other cool things your company has been up to lately?

Over the past 6 months our Lincoln Young Professionals Group (YPG) partnered with the Lincoln Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) to redesign our city’s flag through a community contest. After receiving over 190 submissions from the public, on January 10, the final design was announced dubbing “All Roads Lead to Lincoln” the winner. The new flag was created by Ed Mejia, a local creative director, art director, and graphic designer. He wanted to capture the emotions he felt when he drove into Lincoln for the first time. “Lincoln rises up out of the horizon, beaming with a sense of hope and optimism that is shared by both lifelong residents and recent refugees,” Mejia said. Lincoln YPG, AMA, and Lincoln YPG funded the contest by raising over $20,000 from community sponsors, and plan to cover the cost of purchasing new flags for the City of Lincoln. On January 24, the City Council will vote on the adoption of the new flag and will soon be proudly flown at the Hall of Justice, Lincoln police, and fire stations, as well as Pinnacle Bank Arena.

To learn more about the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development, check out their website here.


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