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Retaining Talent Through 
Deeper Connection

Elevating the quality of connections among your employees directly translates to increased engagement, heightened loyalty, and enhanced productivity for your organization.


Effortlessly build more meaningful workplace connections using Rivet


AI-Powered workplace connections

Rivet uses an advanced algorithm to intelligently match team members across an organization.


Spark new connections, friendships, and mentorships that boost belonging and lessen loneliness.

Rivet is trusted by:

Your team shouldn’t be disconnected – even if working remotely

Isolation at work isn’t only bad for individuals; it’s bad for business too.


Disconnected employees are distracted at best and debilitated at worst.

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Be the bridge that links your team together

This is why people love working with Rivet

We know cultivating workplace connections is time consuming, inefficient, costly, and often hindered by physical distance. Here’s how Rivet can help.

For leaders

Rivet helps leaders build highly-engaged teams by connecting colleagues across the organization in need of more significant workplace relationships.

For team members

Rivet helps team members feel seen, trusted, and supported among colleagues.

For the company

Rivet increases employee retention, engagement, well-being, and inclusion by making connection a core part of the company culture.

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Curious how connected or disconnected your team members might be?

Take the free 2-minute evaluation below to find out

Connect your team in only 3 steps

Disconnected workers are...


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Partner with Rivet

For as little as $99 per month, you gain instant access to your easy to use Rivet dashboard that drives all connection-related activities.


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Connect your team members

The dashboard intuitively assesses and connects colleagues throughout your department or organization using an automated process.



Watch your team thrive

With a tool that is proven to strengthen connections, your team will become more engaged, energetic, and excited.

Customers are raving about Rivet


“Rivet is a great tool, and especially pertinent for our introverted members who still [want to] build their network…This is a way that they can really feel like they're part of something bigger."

  • Jason Rae, LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce


Our customers are getting results – and so will you

Increase in a sense of belonging at work.

Increase in connection with colleagues.

Decrease in being isolated from others.

Decrease in feelings of being left out.

Let our team help connect yours

You’ll be in the best hands with the Rivet team, which is made up of seasoned entrepreneurs, two Wall Street Journal bestselling authors, experienced technologists, a Chief Scientific Officer, and many other connection enthusiasts.

The Rivet team’s top-ranked connection insights have been featured in…

Ready to bring “water cooler connections” into the modern age?

Champion REAL connection on your team today. Contact us to learn more.

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