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Deliver the #1 thing your
attendees want. Connection.

Intelligently and instantly connect your attendees one-on-one based on the neuroscience of compatibility.


Effortlessly facilitate more meaningful human connection using Rivet.


AI-Powered one-to-one connections

Rivet uses an advanced and award-winning algorithm to intelligently match event attendees or collegues.


Spark new connections, friendships, and mentorships that boost belonging, engagement, attendance, and satisfaction.

Whether for a conference or corporate event, Rivet is trusted by:

Your attendees shouldn’t be disconnected – even if virtual.

Isolation isn’t only bad for individuals; it hinders the entire event experience.

Your attendees are one connection away from an unforgettable experience.

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Increase event attendance, engagement, & satisfaction with connection. 

More than networking. It’s science-based connection.



Rivet's assessments is rooted in the most widely scientifically-accepted personality model, HEXACO. Award-winning psychologist and eHarmony's Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Galen Buckwalter, developed and validated Rivet's assessing and matching process.  It's science approved!

Most networking is daunting, forgettable, surface-level, and cringe-worthy.

With Rivet, people are connected to others whom they are scientifically proven to develop a strong bond with.

Help strengthen your attendees' professional networks in a deep meaningful way.

Proprietary Tech

Rivet utilizes its award-winning and proprietary connection algorithm to intelligently and instantly match users. 

Connection Cues

Rivet automatically introduces people to each other and provides helpful insights into how to make the most out of each connection.

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Connection is why they attend your event but are they really experiencing it?

Rivet delivers seamless connection for all your attendees.

Connect your attendees in 3 easy steps.

Tell us about your event. We do the rest. You have enough to worry about.

Connected attendees and colleagues are...



Take Assessment

Attendees take the 7-min psychology-based Rivet assessment online.



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Get Matched

Attendees get intelligently matched and automatically introduced via email. 


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Attendees connect one-on-one at the event or afterward virtually. 

Customers and users are raving about Rivet.


“Rivet is amazing! A turn key experience for our 900 event attendees. Our audience is still raving!”

  • Tiffany Quast, Senior Director of Private Brands, Walmart


Customers and users get results – and so will you.

increase in feelings of meaningful connection with other attendees.

increase in a sense of belonging and inclusion at the event.

of people are extremly likely to meet again with their connections.

people have been successfully matched at events.

Let our team connect your audience.

You’ll be in the best hands with the Rivet team, which is made up of seasoned entrepreneurs, two Wall Street Journal bestselling authors, experienced technologists, a Chief Scientific Officer, and many other connection enthusiasts.

The Rivet team’s top-ranked connection insights have been featured in…

Ready to elevate your event with a one-of-a-kind connection experience?

Deliver science-based connections your attendees won't stop talking about. 

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