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Meet Our Clients: Interview with Courtney Lamers, MRA

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ecently sat down with Courtney Lamers, Strategic Project Manager & EAA Executive Director at MRA, to discuss why her organization decided to engage with Rivet and what they hope to get out of our platform. Read more below:

Can you give us a profile and brief description of your organization and what you do for them?

As one of the largest employer associations in the nation, MRA helps its member organizations thrive by offering the most comprehensive assortment of HR services, talent management, learning and organization development opportunities, and total rewards planning to help members build a successful workplace and powerful workforce. The fun part for me is that I get to wear a couple different hats – I help enhance our members’ interns’ experiences through professional development and networking, lead our DEI employee resource group, and work with our marketing team on a variety of campaigns and messaging.

Why did your company choose to use Rivet? What was it that drew you in?

Our Intern Leadership Program is designed to create an unparalleled experience for our members’ interns through professional development and networking. The interns have enjoyed making friends with interns all across the nation and Rivet allows us to easily make that happen.

How is your organization using Rivet?

We’re using Rivet to bring our members’ interns together and build their professional network and personal friendships.

What do you want to accomplish by using this software?

We want to provide an unmatched internship experience for our members’ interns, so when the students go back to campus in the fall, they’re talking about the great internship experience they had with their organization, how much they learned, and all of the friends they made. Not only does it help organizations attract and retain the next generation of leaders, but it helps build the employer brand.

How do you think your organization is leading the way on connection and growth in the workplace?

Working with 4,000 companies across the Midwest, we have relationships with so many businesses and leaders doing really innovative things! To be able to bring those that are like-minded (yes, that was intentional), together is a unique place to be in. Our 70+ networking groups across the Midwest have provided a safe space for people to share their challenges, collaborate, and bring ideas to the table. These peer groups have built connections and solved problems time and time again.

Our Intern Leadership Program has also allowed young professionals to build their network early on in their career and hopefully make life-long friends and peers they can lean on in the years to come.

Would you like to share any other cool things your company has been up to lately?

I’m biased, but our Intern Leadership Program brings over 100 interns across the nation together! We work on leadership skills, communication skills, and skills that every professional – marketing, HR, IT, or engineering! – need and will need as they grow in their careers and become the next generation of leaders. We have a lot of fun doing it, too!

To learn more about MRA, check out their website here.


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