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Create a Personalized Relocation Program with Rivet

Data shows that 26% of people blame relocation stress on acclimating to their new community, while 17% struggle to find new friends or connections in their new city (Allied, 2022).

To solve for this issue, Rivet has been beta testing a unique and innovative solution for the last month with several Fortune 500 companies. And now we’re excited to publicly launch our Relocation Program, a curated experience tailored to alleviate the stress of moving and adapting to a new community.

Our Relocation Program is Unique

Rivet's personalized Relocation Program is based on an employee or candidate's unique Workplace Persona and provides an automated, tailored, and guided experience to help them navigate the transition into their new home and role within the organization.

The completely automated, low-touch Rivet Relocation Program helps new employees (and their trailing partners, if applicable) build connections in their new community, ultimately promoting a sense of belonging, engagement, and productivity.

Here's how it works:

  • Candidate or Employee Takes the Workplace Persona Assessment: The results of the assessment will inform custom recommendations on activities within their new home, as well as provide insights to the employer on their preferred workstyle.

  • Rivet Sends Custom Touch Points, Recommendations & Prompts: The candidate or employee receives reminders to meet with their new connection, as well as custom recommendations of things they would enjoy in their new home based on the results of their assessment.

  • Candidate or Employee Receives a Connection: Based on the Workplace Persona results, Rivet will facilitate a connection with other relocated employees and strategic individuals to build a sense of connection to the company.

  • Rivet Shares Report with Insights to Employer: At the end of the program, Rivet provides a detailed report to the employer that includes performance metrics, user feedback, and recommendations for further implementation of Rivet.

Relocation Program Outcomes:

  • Enhanced Relationships in the New Community: Rivet facilitates deeper connections by fostering authentic and meaningful conversations.

  • Increased Connection to Company: Candidate or employee forms bonds within the company, leading to greater engagement.

  • Smoother Onboarding Experience: Rivet equips new hires with insights into their work style and personality and connects them with team members who will help them feel included and informed.

  • Increased Retention Post-Hire: Rivet increases employee retention and inclusion by making connection a core part of the company culture.

The Relocation Program is a complete support system designed to transform a move into a seamless and thoughtful transition.

We are offering an exclusive free trial to the first 10 individuals who express interest in utilizing these Relocation Services.

Contact us here or use the form below to learn more about the program and to secure your place!


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